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Jesus loves all of us


Rev Tim Thorpe

IT KEEPS COMING ROUND!.......................


It’s hard to believe it I know but Christmas was almost four months ago and if you are like me it seems like only yesterday. And now here we are and it’s almost Easter again and we have traded the reindeers for Easter bunnies; the paper hats for bonnets and the tin of Roses for chocolate eggs. The winter has dragged on and has had a sting in its tail but the sun is glorious as I write this and thankfully the snow is clearing. The fields are filling up with lambs bouncing and gambolling around. The birds have begun chasing each other around and I am beginning to hear their songs above the roar of a plane heading off to some warmer clime.

I wonder though if we have a problem with Easter. Do we look at Easter through rose tinted glasses; it’s all about a few days off, chocolate and chilling out, we see all the good things and close our eyes to the darker side. This was clearly illustrated for me when a woman came to one of my churches, many years ago who normally attended a church in Carlisle. She had come for the Good Friday service when we remember the death of Christ. Apparently her church didn’t “do” Good Friday, as they didn’t like it. Now most Christians know that without the death and sadness of Good Friday then the glory and joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday would never have happened. We need the Friday before we can have the Sunday. Lent teaches us that we need to know something of the shame of the cross if we are to know the glory of the crown.

Resurrection means new life and new beginnings and it seems to be built in to the very DNA of life. Resurrection is all around us if we have the eyes to see it. An old person dies and at the same moment a child comes into the world; trees that looked dead to the world burst with new life, birds that seemed to have lost their song, sing fit to bust, nations that have lived under brutal oppression rise up to claim freedom, a woman finds the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship, a child begins to pursue their own dreams. Even in the most tragic and devastating of circumstances resurrection is to be found.

Even in the darkest places and in the most tragic of circumstances, resurrection keeps having the last word over death. A few years ago I read an article from Sendai, that town virtually obliterated by the Tsunami. A



survivor wrote how people have changed; they are generous, caring, selfless, loving and really appreciate all that life has to offer and the real value of neighbours, family and friends. Life has become simpler but richer, quieter but grander. In the chaos and devastation love abounds and love overcomes.

Jesus came to offer resurrection to all people and his love still comes round and touches and transforms lives. It may be that someone reading this needs to know resurrection in their life in a big way or a small way. I pray that you will know resurrection working in you and that it will change your life forever.


Have a great Easter


Love to you


Rev Tim Thorpe,