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Ministers Page

Jesus loves all of us


Rev Tim Thorpe

From our Minister for November,




I know that it’s just about gone for this year but I wonder if we have become numb to the wonder of harvest and the glory of autumn. Perhaps we need to rediscover the child within us. Young children are brilliant in so many ways but the one I want to reflect upon is that they are full of wonder. Everything is a blessing to them; the everyday things that we simply take for granted are for them a show -stopping event. They find wonder in everything from a puddle to a cheese scone, a milk shake to a marble and a caterpillar to a combine harvester. Most of us wouldn’t give most of these things a second glance and I wonder when it is that many of us become immune to the wonders of this world. Jesus tells us to become like children and perhaps one of the reasons he does so is because he wants us to live permanently with the ability to be amazed and to retain a sense of wonder. Could it be that if we lived in a state of constantly being amazed then we would be both constantly filled with joy and at the same time more amazing to those around us.

Here ‘s a bit of homework for you, look these scripture passages up:-


Deuteronomy 29:3, Psalm 16:6, Psalm 86:10, Psalm 89:5, Psalm 111:2, Psalm 139:14, Revelation 15:13.


And that’s just a few references, pretty wonderful stuff.

So why not ask God to open your heart, mind and soul so that you might constantly be filled with wonder at the world around you and even within you. Let a new morning fill you with joy, let the moon and stars fill you with awe, giggle with glee when you see children splashing in puddles and then join in with them.

Finally, here’s a challenge. Find three things that fill you with wonder before lunch and thank God for them. What a great thought that we are given the opportunity to be filled with wonder (wonderful) and called and equipped to be wonderful people in the service of a wonderful Saviour.


Love in Christ


Rev Tim