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Jesus loves all of us

Message for May

Rev Tim Thorpe

Different Wiring


In one of the ceilings in a manse we lived in the ceiling was replaced and it came as a bit of a surprise to us. Underneath the ceiling was a real hotch-potch of wiring and plumbing that quite frankly wouldn’t meet today’s standards for safety and compliance. My electrical knowledge extends as far as putting a battery in a torch but even I could see that some of the wiring was dodgy. However it was soon all sorted when the “Sparkies” turned up and put everything in order.

All this set me thinking as to how we are all wired up differently in ways that sometimes seem like a problem or a mystery to other people. I know that I must be a real headache to the great folks who try to link what I am doing in a service when I go “off piste” and deviate from what I have previously given them. I thank God for their graciousness. Some of us are “process wired.” In other words we like things that are orderly and follow the agreed system. Then there are people like me who are wired to be more spontaneous and simply at times cannot help but go in another direction. I guess some people would call it “going with the Spirit” but I think that might be only half the story!

Either way we need to accept that we had no say in how the wires were connected up when we were being put together in our mother’s womb and that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made.” It’s the differences that makes us a team, a church and ultimately so rich and diverse for it.

We need to continually embrace and seek to understand the differences and thank God that he didn’t make us robots but individuals who bear his image. Let us celebrate the richness of people whose wiring is different to ours; let us praise God for His creativity we see in each other and ourselves.

The wiring was all hunky dory thanks to the work the craftsman had done. In the same way when we let the King place his hand upon our lives he will refine and adjust things here and there. It sounds like Pentecost to me.

So let’s rejoice in the diversity we see in each other and ourselves and remember that we are a gift to each other and to the world.


Love in Christ


Rev Tim T.