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Ministers Page

Jesus loves all of us


Rev Tim Thorpe

From our Minister,


*The times they are a changing!


Several weeks ago it was reported that Bob Dylan had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and now ranks alongside some of the greats who have been previously awarded the prestigious honour. One of his greatest songs reminded me that all around I see signs of change and that this is an order that is set within the rhythm and calendar of life both here and throughout the whole of creation. Autumn is creeping up on us apace and the trees are slowly turning from green to gold and will soon shed their leaves. I hope that my lawnmower will soon lie redundant until next spring. I catch sight of the man in the mirror and it might be my imagination but the wrinkles seem a little more pronounced and the grey hairs are winning the battle.

I saw my grandchildren the other week for the first time for several weeks and the change was staggering. In the next few months we may or may not as a Circuit secure a new person to replace me when I am put out to pasture. As a nation it seems that we are staggering along following post Brexit and we have no real idea as to what changes await us down the road.

The Bible and the New Testament in particular are rooted in the idea of change and views it as a positive experience rather than a negative one, one that leads us from death to new life. As a church we need to embrace change rather than work against it and see it not as a problem but rather as an opportunity; to see it as a sign that God is working amongst us and that the mission of the church is evolving into something new and exciting. Change is the very essence of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost and I wonder have you got the message.

Yes the times they are a changing but let us be both confident and reassured that the love of Jesus remains secure because he is “the same yesterday, today and forever.”


Love in Christ

Rev Tim.