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Rev Tim Thorpe

Phone - 01661 853530



Sunday 15th at 6:00pm - The Livingroom

Our offering of the alternative to the traditional service. This month it looks like the stewards will be running the show.


Tuesday 17th at 1:30pm - Craft & Chat

Book folding with Jill


Chapel people care at 10-11:30am every Thursday

Come and spend some time mingling with the people of our church and village.



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September 2017

Junction 42 Employing Steve

If you know Steve Philipson then you'll know doubt have been told about Junction 42 and it's work in the North East prisons. Well Steve is about to step into employment after volunteering for the past 3yrs. If you'd like to sponsor Steve in his missional work in Prison please contact him.


07986 067510


Many thanks,



What you will find here on the web


Our little space on the internet is filled with church activity.


Started a few years ago now we've endeavoured to make this space a place for our parishioners and visitors to feel at home.


One of the main purposes here is to communicatewith our immediate community. we want you to know what goes on in that little chapel you may well just drive past each day. Who knows? Maybe you'll find something here that you would like to get involved with.

One of our prayers is that a return to the old values of 'neighbourhood' will occur, and that is what we strive to assist in achieving through the events we put on.


Please keep visiting us and checking out what's on. Did you know that there's some great inspirational stories kicking about here? They're worth a visit. As is our recorded services and reading what our ministers letter for the month is about.


We really appreciate you spending some time here and hope you come back now and again.


God bless you!