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Message from our minister

From our Minister

Dear friends,

There’s been a definite change in the air the last few weeks, children have had to settle quickly back into school life, some young people have gone off to college and or university. The weather has taken a dramatic turn and our summer clothes have gone back into hiding as the chill factor bites once again! Add to this the nights are drawing in, even more so as we put the clocks back an hour which marks the official end of British summer time.

It got me thinking of a verse of a hymn accredited to St Francis of Assisi 1182-1226

O rushing wind that is so strong,

And clouds that sail in heaven along,

O praise Him, Alleluia!

O rising morn, in praise rejoice;

And lights of evening find a voice.

It’s not always natural to give praise whatever the weather and or circumstance, to see the good in everything and approach it all as blessing! Life is in every sense a mixture of sunshine and rain of highs and lows.

As I write I’ve seen the news of yet another senseless shooting, this time in Pittsburg in America, in a synagogue, where worshippers were celebrating early life. There’s been an horrific helicopter crash outside the ground of Leicester City FC following a football match, our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the midst of these and any other tragedies people are facing.

So, we find ourselves ministering to each other and the wider world. Praying for comfort for names, faces and places we’ve neither been to or know. But, that’s what being faithful means. It means standing in the gap, going against the natural flow, speaking out against injustice in all its forms, facing despair together, standing shoulder to shoulder. Keep the faith dear friends. As the apostle Paul says: ‘Never stop praying, especially for others, pray in the Spirit, stay alert and keep praying for all God’s people.’ Ephesians 6:18

Every Blessing, Yours in Christ, Colin